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Read how Shawn dreamed of reaching natural bodybuilding stardom and has succeeded in just a few years! READ MORE..

Guys who spend a lot of time in the gym get stereotyped as dumb--even though they're usually mocked by people who don't know squat about getting in shape to begin with. Many don't realize how much intelligence it takes to build a better body. Take New Yorker Shawn Lindo. He was clueless when he started working out, but once he wised up, he carved out a physique almost anyone would envy. READ MORE..

Some guys still trudge through half-assed workouts and load up on processed food, yet expect to make gains in the gym. Simplify the whole process and learn from someone who's gotten big the right way. "I don't have any special secret," says Shawn Lindo, MF's March 2008 Success Story. READ MORE..

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